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Woodwork Father's Day Tie Pop-Out Card

Designer: Studio


Much like the stunning belles that fill the elegant ballrooms of the elite, this stunning collection of Jewellery holders is sure to turn a In a world overrun by e-greeting cards, there is something truly special about a good old-fashioned ink and paper greeting. With the Woodwork Greeting Card Collection, we take paper to its original form… WOOD! Available in two different styles, the Pop out Collection and the Print Collection, these greeting cards will make you the talk of the town. With a myriad of styles, you will definitely find the perfect greeting for any occasion.

Description: Happy Father's Day Tie Card


Material: Laminated wood

Style #: SCRD002

Size: 0.07" x 4" x 6"


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Woodwork Father's Day Tie Pop-Out Card

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