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Odin's Messengers Two Headed Raven Jewelry Holder

Designer: Michael Revil Madjus


Always on the lookout, Huggin & Muggin knew the happenings of every inch of Odin's kingdom, returning every day with information for the king. Inspired by these all seeing, all knowing creatures, Odin's Messengers will keep a watchful eye on all your treasures. Consisting of the golden, two-headed raven Jewelry holder and the crown bearing raven skull, the Odin's Messengers collection is the perfect showpiece, whether sitting on your vanity, mantle or coffee table.


Description: Golden Two-Headed Raven Jewellery Holder


Material: Porcelain

Style #: AJH023-RAV

Size: 6.25" x 13" x 7.25"


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Odin's Messengers Two Headed Raven Jewelry Holder

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