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Lofty Libations Eagles Mug

Designer: Michael Revil Madjus


Come closer to honoring nature with a sip from one of these serene ceramic drinking cups. Each is stylishly accented with decorative elements that are available in three styles, including eagles holding a banner, deer antlers and a laurel wreath. Each elegant design is emblazoned onto its cup in golden tones that lend an element of sophistication to your drinking experience.  Why not use a grease pencil and customize each beverage, in the shields or the banner? Enjoy your coffee or other hot beverage with one or all of these designs as a collection. Lofty Libations are a beautiful and thoughtful gift for anyone!


Description: Eagle Banner Mug


Material: Porcelain

Style #: KAS131-EAG

Size: 5.25" x 3.5" x 3.75"


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Lofty Libations Eagles Mug On Sale
Lofty Libations Eagles Mug Lofty Libations Eagles Mug Lofty Libations Eagles Mug

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