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Lock Jaw Baboon Skull Ring Holder Dish

Designer: Michael Revil Madjus


It doesn't take the sharpest tool in the shed to know the dangers that lie within the mouths of some of nature's creatures. The strength of the mandible, used for biting, cutting and holding, is one that does not go unnoticed. The Lock Jaw Dishes take inspiration from two of nature's most dangerous and revered creatures, the baboon and alligator. Each adorned with a golden tooth, these mandibles are the perfect size to hold all of life's little trinkets, keeping them safe from all unwelcomed intruders.


Description: Baboon Jawbone Dish with Golden Tooth


Material: Porcelain

Style #: HDC094-BAB

Size: 4.25" x 2.75" x 2.25"


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Lock Jaw Baboon Skull Ring Holder Dish

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