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China Ceramics Magazine

China Ceramics Magazine - October 2014
Country: China
Featured Items: Candy Rock Crystal Cake Plate Collection - Blue, Green, Pink, Candy Rock Crystal Cupcake Plate Collection - Yellow, Copper, Blue, Creature Camouflage Squirrel Mug , The Royal Tines Jewelry Holders - Deer Antler, Antelope, The Mortise Collection, The Little Helpers Gnome Ceramic Canister,  Drink to Life Skull Wine Stoppers - CattleUnicorn, Feathered Nest Heron Ceramic Canister, Crowned Heads Fox Ceramic Canister, Kalyana Goddess Jewelry Holder, The King's Subject Rabbit Pencil Holder, Pastel Pastiche Collection - Floral Pencil Case, Rabbit Cushion, Doe Cushion, Fox Cushion, Acrylic Tray
741 Queen Stree East - Unit 3, Toronto, ON M4M 3H1, Canada
4575 Schaefer Avenue, Chino, CA 91710, US

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